The Warthog-inspired Jeep Renegade, for Halo 3 on the farm

Jeep's new battery-boosted Renegade hybrid concept 4x4 looks a bit... familiar, wouldn't you say? You could, if you wanted to be mean, suggest that Jeep's highly-paid vehicle designers do nothing more than sit around playing Halo 3 all day in the name of "research."

The new concept Renegade's on the left, Halo 3's version of the Warthog's on the right, just in case they're too similar for your brain to differentiate between:

They've taken the machine gun bit off the back (it'll be an optional extra in the American market), but other than that the Jeep Renegade's a perfect home Warthog. All we need now is a realistically proportioned Cortana with squidgy, lifelike silicon skin and interactive erogenous zones.

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