Guitar Hero III controller successfully blended - world media goes into meltdown

The whole idea of getting an in-demand thing then breaking it publicly in front of people who don't have it is not really that amusing. We've had more laughs out of Council Tax bills than we have watching some idiotic American poking a screwdriver through an iPhone screen for the benefit of equally moronic Neanderthals on YouTube.

But from a purely technical point of view, you have to admire the power of a blender capable of breaking a Guitar Hero controller into lots of very small pieces. We were willing the controller to beat the blender - but the blender triumphed. It is clearly a very powerful blender. The motor must be at least 400 Watts.

It was the dissemination of important educational information such as this that internet pioneer Tim Berners-Lee had in mind when he first came up with the dream of a truly inter-connected modern world.

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